Raising Rock Stars ~ The Red Sea

~Sorry for not posting last week, life was just too busy for me to get to it! 😉

The Red Sea

We finally made it to the Red Sea!  Daddy read the kids a book called Moses and the King, which reviewed our other Moses lessons and took us through the sea.  The kids enjoyed this simple version of an amazing story, even Ladybug liked it!IMG_1743We read from children’s books, and children’s Bibles on family nights-but I don’t know if I have mentioned that we read from the real Bible every weekday morning.  Daddy reads a small portion from our NIV Bible each morning to us before he leaves for work. So, the boys hear the story on family night and then hear it in depth throughout the week.


After reading, Ladybug got a bit fussy so Daddy held onto her and I was with the boys-so, NO pictures ;-).  We reviewed our 10 Plagues, using our little props, then we went to the table and colored our mini book about the Red Sea together.  We use these coloring times to discuss the meaning of the story as we color…it is a great way to ask questions and spend time discussing-while little hands are busy coloring.


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