Tot School ~ Letter Ee

~Ladybug is currently 24 months old~



Tot School Printables E is for Egg

Letter: Ee

Object: Eggs

Vocabulary Development Theme: Food/Kitchen {and a continuation of birds}

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

We used our Leapfrog letters again, she was really excited when she realized the letters matched ;-).

IMG_2190 IMG_2195

This week we also used our new homemade play dough to make the letters too, she liked this!Foam Letters with Play Dough


She enjoyed this so much, we did it on a few different days!  After working on our letter, we just played with the play dough!IMG_2334


For our vocabulary development theme, I gathered as many kitchen items as I could find to match with her cards.  She really enjoyed this!



She actually did the shadow matching this week!!IMG_2395


I did the puzzle for her a few times, but she got very frustrated when trying to do it herself 😉IMG_2397

She did a lot of dot painting again,IMG_2197

She loved dot painting the Ee objects!!!IMG_2325

I created the first set of add-ons for the Tot School Printables program, for now these will only be available to download within my blog posts.  Eventually I may create a separate area for the “extras” but for now you can download the first set here, which includes review flashcards {in color or BW} for letters A-H, as shown below…IMG_2342Ladybug really enjoyed these and had a great time finding the letter I asked her to show me!  She is really proud of the letters she knows!!!IMG_2343

Letter Ee printables here!

Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter E


Each week we have a focus color, that goes along with our Tot School Printables unit, his week it was orange.  I pulled out our orange drawer of stuff for her to explore and she loved it.IMG_2170

Here she was putting her large beads onto a straw {I shoved something into the end to make them stay}.IMG_2264

She got this adorable game for her birthday from a friend and she LOVES it!

IMG_2307  IMG_2310

We are currently reviewing Twisters & Twister Curves from Guidecraft and this is her favorite thing to do with them…IMG_2184


Another awesome consignment sale find, the wooden ABC bookIMG_2318


An old favorite, the piggy bankIMG_2681


We began cutting this week, with her very own pink Koopy scissors.  She is doing really well but still needs my help for the most part.IMG_2400


We got out our shape viewers to work on shapes this week instead of using the cards form our Tot School Printables unit.  She really enjoyed these!!!




tub of fun

She loved playing with our bird sensory bin several time this week, so did Krash!IMG_2381



This week she watched many PowerPoints again!  She is really enjoying the new rhyming words show, even though I actually created it for Krash!.IMG_2469



They are both loving our new Leapfrog movie, Math Adventure to the Moon, of course chilling out in their bean bags.


Moms Favorite

Pac Man’s birthday was Friday and she was really digging the whole idea of another cake!!!IMG_2645  IMG_2640IMG_2649  IMG_2652