Kindergarten with Krash ~ RRSK/Hh, YCR unit 14, Christmas


You Can Read: Unit 14 {but, have will, into}

RRSK: Letter Hh

Theme of the Week: Christmas


You can download all of the printables for this unit FREE here on the main RRSK page, just scroll down until you see them!  We do 2 activities from the set per day, making 10 total activities.

TOTAL slacker on remembering to snap a few action shots, woops.  Here is the one I did find of him tracing his verse…IMG_7543

Singing letter Hh for you… 


RRSK Letter Hh Printables Here!

If you want early access to printables beyond what I have blogged about, you can see info about purchasing here!  Currently I have units Aa-Ll available in the early access section. I plan to complete many more units over the Christmas break!


We used unit 14 from You Can Read.  Here’s a glimpse into some of the You Can Read work he did.  He dislikes the making words activity but I know it really helps him so I make him do it!  You can see his words in his Education Cubes up top.  IMG_7541

Color by word…IMG_7548


Trace to connect words…IMG_7552



Practicing our tricky words using Magnetic Alphabet app on our iPad


Check out more wonderful Word Play ideas here, and add yours!


We are enjoying lots of Christmas themed work around here these days! We all love our Little People Christmas toys, both this train and our Nativity are big favorites.IMG_7518

Krash loves the Play Dough box almost as much as Ladybug does!IMG_7485

Krash is the biggest fan of our Christmas Sensory Bin, here he dumped out the entire box and sorted it all on his own!IMG_7968

I sounded out nativity animals for him and he had to blend my word to find the correct animal. {the printables are from Musings of Me-I got them last year but can’t find them on her blog this year-sorry!}IMG_8016

Playing a math game with PacMan…IMG_7806


We began reviewing All About Reading Level 1 a few weeks ago, and Krash has completed 10 lessons so far.  You can read more about why we are choosing to review this homeschool reading program here in our “Current Curriculum” post {see FAQ}.


We are loving it.  But let me explain loving it.  I LOVE teaching reading, and Krash loves learning to read.  But he does not love taking time to sit still and do the lessons.  He does it and he likes it, but he would rather be jumping around.  But since he has the drive to learn to read, he does well.  I hope that makes sense.  I don’t want you to think my wild child eagerly comes over for his reading lesson daily-he doesn’t.


But, he enjoys most of it once he gets there AND he is learning and growing tremendously.  If you asked K if he loves All About Reading, I am not sure what he would say.  He doesn’t “love” anything to do with school, but he loves learning.  Funny how those totally contradict each other, but it’s just the truth. I am not sure how else to explain him-he is a unique student!


Daddy really enjoyed coming home one day right in time for his reading lesson, and it was a day that Krash was assigned 2 stories from the book.  Krash likes the book a lot and giggles often!IMG_7766

IMG_7768  IMG_7770

A huge part of AAR is review, so we review our word card stack daily-which sometimes brings on the grumps.  One day I changed things up and we used the iPad to review, using the wonderful app, Montessori Crossword.  As he taps the letters, the app says the correct sound and then he blends it.IMG_7845


Since the idea of the lessons is a bit of a struggle for him, I decided to give him a little reward for completing every 10 lessons-we even added prize smiley faces to the check off sheet so he can visually see how close he is to the prize.  We got to lesson 10 and he was beyond excited!  He chose a Cars 2 car for his prize {we keep a small toy supply to use as prizes for things like this, but haven’t used the basket in a long time}.IMG_7812


Jamming to Laurie Berkner BandIMG_7657

A few items we used…

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