Tot School ~ Christmas Fun Part 2

~ Ladybug is 44.5 Months Old ~Tot-School_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_[2]


We are doing 2 weeks of all Christmas themed school, you can find just about everything you will see pictured below in my Christmas Theme Collection post, and on my Christmas Theme Pinterest board.

image7 Christmas-Printables-and-More2

Last year I introduced the Christmas Fun Notebooks and Ladybug in particular was VERY excited to see hers back out this year. I refilled it with some of the same printables, and added tons of new stuff for her too!

She loves the Christmas Alphabet MazesCurly Hair-5294

We worked on her color to match page from our Just Color Christmas set…Curly Hair-5257

She really liked this one!Curly Hair-5258

She also did the listen and color page with me…Curly Hair-5292

The day I surprised my kids with the M&M Christmas Tree Game was a good day! Christmas Tot School-5206

Christmas Tot School-5207

They couldn’t believe I was going to let them eat them when we were done!Christmas Tot School-5209

We also played the sight word Christmas game all together, PacMan helped Ladybug, while Krash worked on his words independently.Curly Hair-5287

She made her own Christmas cards for a few special people and really put a LOT of thought and time into each one.  I let her do whatever she wanted!

Christmas Tot School-5242

By mid day, this is usually what our room looks like if we don’t do a clean up.  The kids were having fun with the sensory bin and the card making items. There was no point to clean it all up until the day was done.  Chaos rules the room on most days, but we almost always put it back together when the day is done.Christmas Tot School-5234


The Christmas Sensory Bin began with the usual base of just red and green, with spoons, tongs, and a sorting tray. We continue to add little surprises to the bin each day {I have 12 total}.  On this day she was opening the bin of tiny toys {a random assortment of little Christmas toys; Weebles, mini Santas, a Christmas train, etc.}Christmas Tot School-5185

She was very impressed!

Christmas Tot School-5195

Christmas Tot School-5197

The new little surprises and bins kept coming, and the kids had fun each and every day!Curly Hair-5277

Sorting like items is a VERY favorite of Ladybug’s…Curly Hair-5272

Curly Hair-5274

Techy Tot

I bought a new school app, Montessori Numbers, last week and it is a great one!  It is a great number app; working on identifying, counting, and even writing numbers.  It has a wide ability range so is perfect for Ladybug and Krash.Curly Hair-5297

Best part, they both LOVE it!

Curly Hair-5299


Ladybug enjoyed making Christmas gift crafts with me one day while the boys were away with Daddy.  Curly Hair-5316

She also enjoyed having her curly hair back again for a day!

Curly Hair-5342

Curly Hair-5346

She really liked her snow globe, and decided to keep it as her gift to herself.

Curly Hair-5359

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