Tot School ~ Letter Rr…Rainforest

~Ladybug is currently 29.5 months old~



Tot School Printables R is for Rainforest

Letter: Rr

Object: Rainforest

Vocabulary Development Theme: Rainforest

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Much of her work was displayed in our pocket chart for her {and Krash} to choose from.  The nomenclature cards on the bottom are from Montessori Print Shop.IMG_3935

Here’s a peek at some of the Letter Rr activities she wanted to do{and I managed to snap photos of}.

Gluing her numbers…IMG_4026

Dot painting as K “showed her where the letters were! IMG_4030

Coloring her letter Rr words, again with Krash!IMG_4065


Using the lacing card as a magnet tool…IMG_4082

Finding the rainforest animals I call out, using her cookie sheet and magnetic pom poms…IMG_4088

 Letter Rr printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter R


Tot-Trays26222222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[2]

On her shelves…


  • top left {basket} rainforest animals and books
  • top right…Betty Lukens Safari Felt Set {wish we had the rainforest one, but this was the closest we had!}
  • top middle…fishing ABCs from Grasshopper Preschool Prep Kit
  • bottom middle…Color Magnetic Book {this must be old, I could only find it online here}
  • bottom right…wooden dominoes {cannot find them online, they are “Learningsmith Classics”}
  • trays: Rr Rainforest work {changed throughout the week as she completed activities}

She worked with the color book my mom got her at a recent consignment sale…

IMG_4014  IMG_4020

Our main school bins are always available, and come down a lot.  I move things around to inspire “choices” and sometimes will lay a bin out to encourage play.  This day I had set out the stacking pegs and she went right to building!IMG_4199

We played SO much, but I hardly took any photos during play time!


tub-of-fun_thumb2_thumbThe Rainforest Sensory Bin was out every day and we used the contents to work on various activities.IMG_4006




Ladybug has become quite the artist this past week, drawing little faces everywhere!

IMG_4057  IMG_4061


One day I showed her how to draw a stick person, and she copied me!  Hers is on the left and she then added to my example on the right!IMG_4091Our great friend was over one night and she drew him!  I think it looks just like him!IMG_4280

She also explored finger paint, be sure to see the post if you’d like to see more!

IMG_4130  IMG_4173

We have a few friends come over once a week for a play date.  What a wonderful time of learning this is for Ladybug.  On the right, she was waiting for an apology from the sweet little boy who accidentally hit her with the trike.  I love her face!

IMG_4232  IMG_4242



Little Miss learned how to drink out of a water bottle without spilling and was quite proud of herself.  She is also pretty proud of her Daddy.

IMG_4386  IMG_4400



Tot School Printables ~ ABC Flashcards

Tot School Printables Alphabet Flashcards

I finally finished the entire set of review flashcards for the Tot School Printables. Each color corresponds with the image and color for the unit.  There is a color set…


and a set with the letters white if you need to save on ink.


We use ours as a review tool, and hang them up with velcro {we buy ours in bulk from here} in our schoolroom.  Ladybug likes to take them down and play with them.  They are printed on cardstock, laminated, and cut out.

IMG_4074  IMG_4079

Download the ABC Cards and more here!

Remember, if you have any trouble downloading or printing any PDF files, see the troubleshooting tips in this post!

See more about Tot School Printables here!

Tot School Printables

Tot School ~ Letter Qq

~Ladybug is currently 28.5 months old~



Tot School Printables Q is for Queen

Letter: Qq

Object: Queen

Vocabulary Development Theme: Royalty

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Oh, it is SO nice to be back to regular school, I am loving it!!  Ladybug is so much more go-with-the-flow now.  Even a big change since just the weeks before we went to the beach.  She is definitely still very opinionated and dramatic but she hangs out and plays so much better these days!

Here’s a peek at which Letter Q activities she wanted to do…

Gluing shapes…IMG_2862

Stamping lettersIMG_2912Dot painting lettersIMG_2813Coloring her queens, for a little while,IMG_3002Then watching as Krash finished them for her…IMG_3010Dot painting letters on the queen…IMG_3021more dot painting {she chose orange every time!}IMG_3031

We put tape on our white paper to dot paint a Q but she was way more interested in stacking the dot-paint tops.IMG_3132

Squeezing the play doh that I had planned to make Q’s out of.  IMG_3134

Instead we rolled snakes to lay on her tracing page.IMG_3139

Poking the snakes…IMG_3141

I decided to try to lay her work out on trays like this, along with her toys and other items.  She didn’t seem to care one way or the other, but it helped me see what she hadn’t done.  I am lucky-she doesn’t mess with them unless it is school time.IMG_2711

On the Shelves:


Letter Qq printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter Q

Tot-Trays2622222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu[1]

I set her shelves up a bit differently as shown above, but will still show her toys and other tray activities here.…

Playing with her Betty Lukens Felt Set


Fraction Puzzles, she loves these!IMG_2789

Discovery Toys Progressive Puzzles, working on the 4-piece puzzles…IMG_2809

Swinging friends that we built together…IMG_2889

By FAR, the most played with toy this week was our foam blocks.IMG_2909

They came out every day.IMG_2717

Many times per day.IMG_2756

She built by herself more than ever, and told me all about her buildings! I got the tongs you see while we were at the beach.  There is a mid size and also a tiny pair, I couldn’t find them online, but check Kitchen Collection or The Gourmet Chef if you have either near you.  They are so cool!  She used them so much and I caught her cleaning up the blocks with them!

IMG_3055  IMG_3063

Knowing how much the kids were enjoying them, I made up a quick game for them.  I set up the cylinders on the steps and assigned Krash 2 color and Ladybug one color.IMG_3082

They had to hold the block in their tongs and run to set it upright on the stool in the back.  The giggles  were AWESOME!!!  You can see Pac in the background doing his schoolwork, he loved sneaking a peek at them!

IMG_3069  IMG_3074

Ladybug was so good at the game, it shows me how “old” she is!  It was so much fun to watch, I am sure we will be playing the tong game again soon!

IMG_3077  IMG_3064

The 2nd most played with toy this week was the drawer full of Mr. Potato Heads.  Ladybug built SO many funny creatures!IMG_2805

Magneatos were out several times…IMG_2878


Theme_thumb3We had our schoolroom decked out for our pirate theme this week!  Ladybug enjoyed the many props we had out ~ although the theme was specifically for Krash! Her favorite part of pirate week has definitely been the pirate books, and the pirate sensory bin.



tub-of-fun_thumb2The pirate sensory bin was out every day and we used the contents to work on various activities.IMG_2745

Ladybug loved the little black marbles and gathered them all…IMG_2747

Worked on tonging them into a sorting tray…IMG_2968

Even poked them into her mini whisk {also got at the Kitchen Collection store}IMG_2976




The 2 littles coloring together.IMG_2916

Reading in our bean bag chair, which she often does. IMG_3149





Tot School ~ Letter Pp

~Ladybug is currently 28 months old~

Still off of official school around here, we officially start back on Sept 12, after our kick off the school year trip to the beach with my parents the week before!


Tot School Printables P is for Pencil

Letter: Pp

Object: Pencil

Vocabulary Development Theme: School Tools

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

Ladybug has not been as into her Tot School Printables as she used to be, so we don’t spend the hours at the table these days.  Totally fine with me, I love her learning any way she chooses at this stage!  I still offer her the printables and she lets me know what she wants to do.  We aren’t doing everything and that’s fine!

Here we used play doh to make her Pps and used a pencil to poke into the dough.



She wanted me to color her Pp objects, as she told me which ones to color.  She proudly displayed “her” work when I was done.IMG_1228


She wanted to cut her tracing page this week.  Hey…whatever floats your boat girlfriend.  She was whining at me for taking her picture {he he}.IMG_1230


I also colored her pencils and we matched up the markers and happily knocked them all down!IMG_1232


We put painters tape on a white paper and had fun dot painting it like crazy!IMG_1075

The boys wanted to help too!  After it was done we let it dry and then peeled off the tape for the letter P, she liked this!IMG_1079


Gluing her numbers…IMG_1221

 Letter Pp printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!


Tot-Trays262222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu

She played with Magneatos every day this week…

IMG_1235  IMG_1241

We made all sorts of things with our pop beadsIMG_1254


She loves our new Magnetic Matching Rings toy, it is more for Krash, but she is LOVING it!  This is a really neat toy, if you have a 2-5 year old I definitely recommend adding this to your wish list!IMG_1259


Matching frogs and dragonfliesIMG_1049

Putting dot stickers on a turtleIMG_1219


ThemeWe had our schoolroom decked out for our camping theme this week, complete with our mini tent, ladybug sleeping bag, lanterns, flashlights and camping chair!  Most of the camping school work that was done was from the Camping Preschool Pack and the Camping Pack…for Krash.  But Ladybug enjoyed the many props we had out!IMG_1051

We spent TONS of time roll playing and enjoyed an official camp-out morning.  We made fire wood out of tubes and put our electric flickering candles underneath for the fire.  We also roasted wadded up paper marshmallows.IMG_1066

We even had a fake crackling fire running on the iPad!IMG_1069

We are going to a camp for our summer staff retreat next week, so the timing was perfect!  I have lots more to share about our camping fun, coming soon!  You can see my collection of camping ideas I found here on Pinterest!


tub of funI bought the kids a Mighty World Camping set to play with and they loved it more than I thought they would!  It is really tiny so perfect for a sensory bin.  Add it to some beans = hours of fun!IMG_1202

Ladybug was quite possessive and would take the tent and campers and go play by herself sometimes!IMG_1203


Life School

I caught her reading in our bean bag chair, which she often does.  I love reading photos and will grab my camera if it’s close by.IMG_1244

This is her “no-pichers momma” look.IMG_1248


Pink Tevas and purple toes…IMG_1133perfect for splashing in puddles!

IMG_1186  IMG_1190


Tot School ~ Letter Oo {part 2}

~Ladybug is currently 27.5 months old~


Again, we have had a very low key school week, without any sort of schedule.  Ladybug was content playing outside mostly so we actually did very little school work! Our power was out all day yesterday and just came back on this morning so the post is late!


Tot School Printables O is for Ostrich

Letter: Oo

Object: Ostrich

Vocabulary Development Theme: African Animals

You can find the printables for this unit here on the Tot School Printables webpage.

See Part One of Letter O here!

Stamping Oo’s…IMG_0897

Coloring ostriches…IMG_0899

MUCH more interested in the kitty we had just diapered with a tissue, rather than her tracing sheet.IMG_0903

Letter Oo printables here!

Fun Books & Toys for this unit here!Tot School Printables Toys and Books Letter O


Tot-Trays26222   Learning-Toys_thumb2_thumb_thumb_thu

Working on her ABC puzzle


She enjoyed “playing” the pond graphing game with the boys…IMG_0884

Matching up the pond pictures from our Pond Nomenclature set, in our mini pocket chart.  Krash matched up the words after she did the pictures.IMG_0951

She had some time with our Grasshopper Kits, especially enjoying Mr. Crunch…IMG_0963


Fishing for ABCsIMG_0972