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As my site grows, I realize it becomes more difficult to navigate.  I promise I do my best to keep it organized, but it is so hard!  In addition to my theme posts, I am putting together 5 basic posts: ABC Printables,123 Printables, Colors Printables, Shape Printables, and Bible Printables.  My goal is to link everything I can think of that is on my site under those categories.  I may even miss something of my own, let me know if I do!

Daily Calendar Notebook

There are shape printables included in the Daily Calendar Notebook set.  Slide14 Slide15


Shape of the Day Printable

Shapes Printable

Tot School Printables

Each Tot School Printable unit has a shape printable, with the theme object inside of shapes.Apples in Shapes

Tot Time Notebook

Numbers & Shapes Set

Tot Time Numbers and Shapes

Animal ABCs

Units can be purchased in bundle format, or individual letters can be downloaded for free when available. Each unit has a shape tracer printable.Alligator Shapes

Raising Rock Stars Kindergarten

Colors and shapes worksheets are located within each specific letter unit.Color the Shape

Shape Tracers

Shape Tracers

Shapes Around Me

Shapes Around Me

Shape Wheel

Shape Wheel

Shape Printables

from Preschool Packs and Tot Packs

You can find shape printables within many packs.  Download the entire pack and you will find these pages within!  Below are a few examples.

Example from Candy Preschool PackPreschool Pack Candy10

Example from Little Einsteins Tot PackLittle Einsteins Tot Book 2

Example from Mickey Mouse PackMickey Mouse Shapes

Example from Princess Preschool PackPrincess Preschool Pack 6

Example from Toy Story Preschool PackPreschool Pack Toy Story3

Example from Veggie Tales Tot Booksimple rectangle bookVEGGIE TALES shapes1

Example from Rainbow Tot Pack

Rainbow Shapes Rainbow Shapes

Clip & Learn Wheel

Cat Shapes

PowerPoint Shows

{available to members of this section-info here}

Shapes PowerPoint Show


A Few Favorite Shapes Products

Beginner Pattern Blocks  Shape Puzzle  Shape Bean Bags

Top Shape Apps We Have

{for our iPad}

image  image66  image  image

Shapes Ideas on Pinterest


A Few Favorite Shapes Books

Mouse Shapes A Circle Here A Square There Shapes Color Zoo Shapes Shapes Shapes

I will add more as I create, this post will be linked up top in my navigational menu under the “Printables by Theme” link.