Learning with Ladybug ~ age 4y, 5.5m



Welcome to our weekly preschool at home blog feature, Learning with Ladybug!  As you probably know, I scrapped our preschool plan and built a new one based around our current needs. 

We have a few main preschool categories, you can read the entire plan here, I will break my weekly posts down by category so you can see what she did each week within a certain area. If we have a letter focus, I will do a separate post to make searching easier.  I will do the same for any themes we do.

See our entire Home Preschool Plan here!

Spielgaben ~ Play Based Learning


Again,  Spielgaben has been lots of fun! I didn’t use the materials too much this week, but we did have fun the couple of times we got them out.

We made shapes with the cotton balls…

Home Preschool -8980

She asked to repeat the toothpick activity, so we did!

Home Preschool -8983


We introduced a new set, and had fun exploring the cube cylinder and sphere together in lots of ways!

Home Preschool -9111

Home Preschool -9114

Watching it spin!

Home Preschool -9119

Working on positional words, and following directions with one of the Spielgaben worksheets…

Home Preschool -9279

Then some stacking fun with the colored cubes and cylinders!

Home Preschool -9284

Home Preschool -9288

FYI ~ I am not being paid at all to continue to share about Spielgaben, I was given the set to review and write one post {this one}.  What you will see from here on out is just because we are loving it so much!

Jim from Spielgaben saw my blog posts and emailed me to say thanks and offer my readers a deal on the pre-orders now being taken!  If you contact Jim from Spielgaben, he will give you a discount if you mention my blog!  Regular price to pre-order is $405, and my readers can pre-order for $355 {these are AUD prices but the conversion is similar, it actually favors USD right now so your price will be lower than AUD}.  Shipping is free. Contact Jim with any questions!

Messy Fun

We have always had lots of messy fun but I am making it a more intentional part of our plan.  Almost all of my ideas are pinned here on my Sensory play board.  I am trying to have one planned messy creation experience per week, even if it just making a new batch of something we’ve already done. 

I had planned a totally different messy play activity but was missing 1 ingredient, so we made a new batch of water beads instead! Always a hit and good for lots of fun!

Home Preschool -9235

Home Preschool -9241

All By Myself Preschool Boxes

She spends about an hour in the afternoon playing with her boxes. Usually this hour starts right after lunch, but if she wants to play messy stuff first, I let her.  I am basically requiring her to float between her boxes or the messy play table, or if she wants to be difficult, she can take a nap.  I sneak in to snap photos, but mostly she plays alone.  Sometimes she comes to get me to show me something too.

In her 5 small sensory bins this week: green {dyed} rice, buttons, rocks, macaroni noodles, pom poms.

I barely got any action shots at all, I guess I must have been busy with the boys.  Here’s what I did capture!

Home Preschool -8998

Home Preschool -9162

Home Preschool -9164

Home Preschool -9169

Home Preschool -9124

Home Preschool -9269

Home Preschool -9271

Favorite items this week: lacing beads, dinosaur puzzles, frogs on a log {this was from a math kit we were given}

See all items that rotate through our boxes here!

All the Rest

D is for Determination!  Integrity Time was fun again this week! We met a new character, Negative Narl, and brought back Positive Polly for the lesson in being determined!

Integrity Time -9298 Integrity Time -9300

The lesson suggested the use of velcro to emphasize the idea of sticking with something, I chose to explore magnets instead! The kids really loved this!

Integrity Time -9307 Integrity Time -9309


Lots of free play time always occurs, I just usually forget to take any pictures!  She made some really neat creations with the Candy Building set {a favorite still }.

Home Preschool -9172

Home Preschool -9243


Straws and Connectors are another big favorite around here. 

Home Preschool -9251


She made a few Perler Bead crafts this week…

Home Preschool -9201


We enjoyed a round of POP Counting {very simple game and one of her favorites}

Home Preschool -9230


Some painting too!

Home Preschool -9293

See our LETTER N work here, and our Noah’s Ark fun, it was done this same week as what you see above!

Home Preschool letter N  Noah's Ark Preschool Fun

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