Learning with Ladybug ~ Age 4y, 10.5m

Home Preschool March 2014

Welcome to our weekly preschool at home blog feature, Learning with Ladybug!  As you probably know, I scrapped our preschool plan and built a new one based around our current needs.

We have a few main preschool categories, you can read the entire plan here, I will break my weekly posts down by category so you can see what she did each week within a certain area. If we have a letter focus, I will do a separate post to make searching easier.  I will do the same for any themes we do.

See our entire Home Preschool Plan here!

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Spielgaben ~ Play Based Learning

We continued our work with box 5 in Spielgaben, which contains cubes and triangular prisms.  We only did one official lesson again this week, creating a birthday cake while learning about octagons.

Learning the shapes that work together to create a small octagon…

Home Preschool -5484

Then a bigger octagon…

Home Preschool -5487

Then for a birthday cake!  We used pieces from other Spielgaben sets for the decorations.

Home Preschool -5493

Blowing out the “candle” on her cake!

Home Preschool -5502

Then silly girl wanted to “eat” the cake…

Home Preschool -5504


We have had LOTS of fun with our free play area I have set up now.  One day she asked to put together the spinning shapes again {she first did it here}.  She had the best time making her own papers for the shapes and spinning them.

Home Preschool -5526

Home Preschool -5530


More cats.  She always makes cats.

Spielgaben -5520


I set up the Nature Guide on my iPad for her and she was THRILLED! 

Spielgaben -5608

After she completed the ladybugs, she chose a crocodile!

Spielgaben -5627

Spielgaben -5635


Messy Fun

I don’t always follow my plan.  It is my goal to make something new each week, but I did not.  She played with Play Dough again.

Home Preschool -5759



All By Myself Preschool Boxes

She spends about an hour in the afternoon playing with her boxes. Usually this hour starts right after lunch, but if she wants to play messy stuff first, I let her.  I am basically requiring her to float between her boxes or the messy play table, or if she wants to be difficult, she can take a nap.  I sneak in to snap photos, but mostly she plays alone.  Sometimes she comes to get me to show me something too.

We haven’t been able to do school on the 5th day recently in the afternoon {when she has her box time} so I only make 4 boxes now.

In her mini sensory bins ~ buttons, pom poms, shells and bird seed.

Home Preschool -5297


There’s always a few books in each box, and many days that’s the first thing she goes for.  She is definitely a book lover!Home Preschool -5333

I wanted to get a shot of her naturally playing, and she jumps in her bin and cheeses for me!

Home Preschool -5336


The pom  poms and the grabbers were a big hit.  She has loved these grabbers for a long time!

Home Preschool -5339


She has a cute little pony set from Playmobil and I keep it bagged up and surprise her in her boxes every so often.  It keeps it fresh and exciting when she gets it!

Home Preschool -5400

She always plays her own special way, often combining toys together.  Below she had little foam shapes {from Target awhile back}, Froggy Feeding Fun, Fraction Puzzles {she was using them as feeding troughs for the horses}, and the Playmobil set!

Home Preschool -5407


Sorting buttons was a big hit, all her idea!

Home Preschool -5423

Home Preschool -5424


Enjoying her books, again.

Home Preschool -5585


Her Automoblox “limousine.”

Home Preschool -5586


Those are the muffins from the mini muffin match up set.  She had them in all sorts of our containers!

Home Preschool -5590


See all items that rotate through our boxes here! 

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All-By-Myself-Preschool-Boxes62  Simple-Sensory-Bin-Collection5

All the Rest

We are currently reviewing the Bible based version of Integrity Time and went back to Letter B is for Behavior!  I am absolutely in love with the Bible version {full review coming soon}! 

Integrity Time -5506

The characters are a big favorite.

Integrity Time -5551

For the object lesson, we took pom poms and the printable target provided and used this as a way to talk about how even when we love God, we often miss the mark.

Integrity Time -5556

Needless to say, they loved this lesson and we had some great discussion throughout. 

Integrity Time -5555


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