Fall Theme Kindergarten Literature Unit

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit

We have a brand new seasonal Kindergarten Literature Unit Study Printable Pack which is expanded to include more activities than our units in the past! Celebrate fall with this new set based on the book Count Down to Fall by Fran Hawk!

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Set the stage for your FALL theme by gathering all of your fall toys and books! It helps to draw your child in and get her/him excited about your learning time together.

Don’t have a lot of fall toys and books? Ask friends, go to the library, or buy some things you think might be a good long term investment for your homeschool!


Be sure to purchase the book Count Down to Fall or check it out from your library. In addition to the main book, I recommend adding in all sorts of fun fall theme books to bring the theme alive!

Fall Books for Kids

Here is a downloadable library checklist for fall books!

Fall Books Editable Book Checklist

Add a fall theme sensory bin to your fun!

Fall Sensory Bin

For this unit, I selected several Kindergarten Math and Literacy Goals to focus on.

Homeschool Kindergarten Literacy Goals Homeschool Kindergarten Math Goals

There are over 20 activities to keep your Kindergartener engaged for quite awhile! Many tots, preschoolers and even 1st graders will enjoy this set! The main focus is Kindergarten but that isn’t exclusive! Below you can see a collage of all the printables included! Click each image to enlarge!

Slide8 Slide9

This is such a beautiful book with SO many fun skills to focus on. The printables were created to go along with all of the animals and leaves featured in the story as you will see in the photos below! Connecting your activities to a book is such a great way to weave a literacy rich learning environment into your homeschool in such a natural and fun way! 

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit-9

Below you’ll see a sampling of how the printables go along with the story! Not all printables are included in the photos below. For the full list see the charts above! 

For each leaf you’ll find a 3-part card as well as cards that go along with the sequence of the story. Additional printables like the leaf coloring activity are also included!

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit-13   

You’ll find a photo card to go along with each animal from the story as well as q-tip painting printables focusing on the animals and a set focusing on color words.

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit-10

A full set of leaf alphabet flashcards are included, which can be used in SO many different ways!

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit-15

Add in some fun science learning as you explore the parts of a pine tree and the life cycle of a pine tree.

Count Down to Fall Kindergarten Literature Unit-11

The learning opportunities are endless with this book!

Kindergarten Literature Unit Count Down to Fall

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Kindergarten Literature Unit Countdown to Fall

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