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Each week I share 2-3 posts sharing our home preschool learning.  This post is only sharing our letter focused work. If we have a theme of the week, it will be a separate post too.  All of our general play based learning will be in a final weekly wrap up post called, “Learning with Ladybug.”  I am separating out the posts to make them easier for people to find down the road when searching for specific letter/theme activities.  See our entire home preschool plan here!

Home Preschool Letter V

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Her Letter V ABC Basket

Home Preschool Letter V -4383

Home Preschool Letter V -4571


Animal ABC lowercase v is for vervet monkey! She dislikes monkeys so this wasn’t her favorite.  Funny thing, monkeys were my absolute favorite as a child!

Home Preschool Letter V -5016

We even looked up vervet monkeys on Youtube and she was still unimpressed.  She said they look funny.

Home Preschool Letter V -5097


ABC Find It!  We haven’t had the rice bin out in awhile and she was happy to see it!

Home Preschool Letter V -5002


This week with our Q-Tip printables, she colored in all of the dots and then added glitter glue dots to them!

Home Preschool Letter V -5159


Our All About Reading Pre lesson for lowercase v for vase was a hit since she loves to draw flowers.  She also loves to cut so she cut the entire thing out.

Home Preschool Letter V -5104


Our finished Letter V work…

Home Preschool Letter V -5283

There isn’t a ton of work for Letter V since we also did our Valentine’s Day fun the same week!

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