You Can Read Word Families ~ IG Word Family Printables

Recently we launched our new You Can Read Word Families program!  You can read more about it and see the first set shared, featuring _at word family printables. You can also see the _et Word Family in action here!

This week we are sharing _ig word family printables with you!

ig Word Family Printables

I have not created all of the sets I plan to create, but have several done and am working quickly on them!  Since I am using one set per week with Ladybug, I have to work fast! I plan to release freebies from each unit on my blog and share some ideas for using the printables. I have already released free _at Q-Tip Painting, _at Word Puzzles, _et Play Dough Mats, _et Funny Font Word Hunt, and _ig Mini Book. Sometimes you may also find entire sets free within blog posts or in our newsletters or blog emails!  Full sets will also be listed in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop for $1.25 each and when I am all done I will bundle the entire set at a discounted price! 


How we are Using These…

We are using these alongside of our You Can Read Sight Words unit {we finished unit 9 alongside of this unit} We basically just added this in to our other Kindergarten curriculum.

Here’s a peek at what we used during this unit. These photos also show the order we used the printables, she helped me choose what to do each day. All of the printables are in a binder so she can easily flip through and choose.

We enjoy using our Perler Bead letters to make the words.

YCR ig Word Family -3535


We keep the word family poster in the front of her binder so we can easily refer to it during our work time.

YCR ig Word Family -3537

YCR ig Word Family -3548

YCR ig Word Family -3549


Funny Fonts ~ see our post sharing here. 

YCR ig Word Family -3553


Roll and Graph ~ She chose to record with stickers this time, see more ideas for using roll and graph here!

YCR ig Word Family -3558

YCR ig Word Family -3568


Mini Book ~ cut out the pictures, color if desired, glue on the correct page!

YCR ig Word Family -3640

YCR ig Word Family -3646

YCR ig Word Family -3656


Play dough mats

YCR ig Word Family -3667


Word Puzzles!  She likes to color these when she’s done so we tape carefully on the back so she can flip them over to color.

YCR ig Word Family -3751


Stamp a Word ~ here she is stamping, but we also use our mini letter construction set with these.

YCR ig Word Family -3755


Word Puzzle ~ this is something new I added.  It is inspired by our Spielgaben puzzles.  I measured out the squares and made a printable and cut it out.

YCR ig Word Family -3785

YCR ig Word Family -3790

She loves these little puzzles!

YCR ig Word Family -3791


Matching ~ draw a line to match the word to the correct picture. 

YCR ig Word Family -3799

She likes to remove the paper and look at her work on the sheet protector!

YCR ig Word Family -3802


Word Search ~ all words are left to right to make it easier for younger kids.

YCR ig Word Family -3897

YCR ig Word Family -3899


Sentence Search ~ we use two different colored markers for this activity.  One color for the focus words and one for any other words she can read independently.  Then at the end we read the sentences together her reading circled words and me reading the others.

YCR ig Word Family -3901


Beginning Sounds ~ look at the picture and figure out the missing beginning sound and write it in, or as we did, use Perler Bead letters!

YCR ig Word Family -3905


Word Building ~ I cut these out for her and spread them out on the table.  She then builds all of her words and tapes them on colored paper! 

YCR ig Word Family -3911


BINGO! A very simple version of BINGO which she loves!  We play several times in a row!

YCR ig Word Family -3915


Q-Tip Painting {aka Perler Bead Gluing Printables}, see ideas for using Q-Tip painting printables here! As you can see we use them to glue Perler Beads on the tiny dots!

YCR ig Word Family -3929

YCR ig Word Family -3931

YCR ig Word Family -3934 YCR ig Word Family -3937


I hang her work up by her desk each week, here’s an end of the week photo {some of her work is done in sheet protectors with dry erase and therefore doesn’t get hung}

YCR ig Word Family -4193


Would you like the entire ig word family set?  You can grab it for FREE here, only on my blog!

Or you can buy in my Teacher’s Notebook Shop here!

Stay tuned, the op word family is coming next!  Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss anything {or a surprise freebie!}.

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