Christmas Fun with Spielgaben

Christmas Fun with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

We have a special Christmas Fun with Spielgaben post for you today! I challenged my children to come up with Christmas designs recently to get in the holiday spirit and took photos of all of their creations! I even made a PDF so you could print out our designs if your kids want to make them too! You’ll find the link to download at the end of this post!

First, here’s a few Christmas tree designs they came up with…

Spielgaben Christmas -0151

Spielgaben Christmas -0116

Spielgaben Christmas -0128



At first I wasn’t sure what Santa was holding, but then easily noticed the small doll and the wagon!

Spielgaben Christmas -0142


Rudolph, of course!

Spielgaben Christmas -0136


It wasn’t just my younger two creating {they did the ones above}. My 14 year old got in on the action too, these next two are his creations!

Spielgaben Christmas -0165


The snowy Christmas scene…

Spielgaben Christmas -0172


And my very favorite…the reason for the season!

Spielgaben Christmas -0182


Do you have a Spielgaben set?

Download our ideas to print for your kids!

Christmas Fun with Spielgaben


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