Graphing with Spielgaben

Graphing with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

We have had our Spielgaben set for years now and have grown with it. This year for 2nd grade, we are using Spielgaben as an extension of our math curriculum. Spielgaben is releasing a full math program soon and we were sent a preview file of PDFs for the 2nd grade curriculum. These are the worksheets you see in this post. They are not available yet but will be soon, follow along with us and I will let you know when you can get your hands on this new math program!

I incorporate Spielgaben into her daily work. I choose 1-3 worksheets from the math program per week and have her work on them independently {if possible} or with a bit of instruction with me. Then on Friday I gather the worksheets and we bring the concepts alive with the Spielgaben pieces. Below I will share a few of the worksheets we brought to life with Spielgaben this past month!

This past month I chose to focus on graphing skills with her. I chose a couple of worksheets in particular to bring to life with our Spielgaben set. This complemented her main math curriculum and was a fabulous review and time of teaching additional concepts!

First, we used the Spielgaben board and small dots to simply recreate one of our graphs. We did tons of comparing and discussed many aspects of the graph and the worksheet itself. This was all a great review for her.

Spielgaben -5618

Spielgaben -5624


This net worksheet presented a new graphing concept, by discussing the size of the images on a pictograph.  She had never thought about this and learned a lot!

Spielgaben -8224


After we went through the worksheet together, I recreated an example for her on the board. The one on the left is showing the ‘wrong’ way since the purple diamonds look like they have the most but actually the orange triangles have the most!  I then challenged her to use the same pieces in a different way to show a more accurate pictograph according to size. She struggled at first so I assisted to get her going and then it clicked!

Spielgaben -8227 Spielgaben -8234

Moments like that are why I love having Spielgaben as a part of our math curriculum!


After the lesson she begged to have some play time, so of course I said yes!

Spielgaben -8245


A cat, a bird, and a white dachshund {I thought it was a bunny}.

Spielgaben -8254

She loves her end of the week Spielgaben time, it has been a great addition to her math curriculum this year, providing great hands-on learning and review!

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