Making Math Come Alive with Spielgaben

Making Math Come Alive with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

We have had our Spielgaben set for years now and have grown with it. This year for 2nd grade, we are using Spielgaben as an extension of our math curriculum. Spielgaben is releasing a full math program soon and we were sent a preview file of PDFs for the 2nd grade curriculum. These are the worksheets you see in this post. They are not available yet but will be soon, follow along with us and I will let you know when you can get your hands on this new math program!

She has been deep into multiplication lately with her core math curriculum so I went through the Spielgaben math files and pulled out several multiplication sheets so we could work on the same concepts in a different way! It was neat to see what she did and didn’t understand. Adding in hands-on pieces really helps a lot and is one of the main reasons I continue to supplement her math.

Spielgaben (5 of 2)

Spielgaben (6 of 2)


She chose whether she wanted to use objects or just do the problem in her head. For most she chose objects, some she did on her own.

Spielgaben (3 of 3)


This was another day and she chose to do this one entirely without using any objects.

Spielgaben (1 of 1)


What usually happens when we pull out Spielgaben supplies for math? Her creative juices begin to flow and she often wants to play after our lesson. I am a BIG fan of this and encourage her to play! This particular day was awesome. She spontaneously set up a store for us. She made lollipops, flowers, fans and birds. Then we played store.

Spielgaben (1 of 3)-2


Little did she know it was a sneaky way to get in a good review of counting money.

Spielgaben (2 of 3)-2

Spontaneous, playful, fun learning. And that’s why I love Spielgaben.

Spielgaben (3 of 3)-2

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