1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year-End Review

1st Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices Year End Review

The homeschool curriculum choices blog posts are great, but what I really want to know is what families thought AFTER they used the curriculum they chose!

Next up, 1st grade!  Here’s a reminder of the original 1st Grade Curriculum Choices post.

1st Grade Subjects

    Below I will give a small review of each subject, if you have more specific questions about anything, just leave me a comment and I will do my best to answer!

Reading All About Reading Level 2

A perfect fit for her! She loved it! By the end of AAR Level 2 she was extremely fluent and reading above grade level. I highly recommend AAR! 

1st Grade -0922 1st Grade -1723

We did LOADS of supplemental reading, she is my bookworm.  We began and are still reading through the Little House books together.  We also read the My Father’s Dragon Series.

1st Grade -0608 1st Grade -9153

We went to the library a lot and I documented many of her favorite books from the year in this post!

1st Grade Library Book Favorites fb

Spelling All About Spelling Level 1

We love All About Spelling and level 1 was a great fit for her this year.  We spaced out the lessons over the year, although she probably could have done level 1 and 2 this year – I am in no rush. Our basic routine was to do the lesson on the board, using the app when we learned new sounds, then she would write her words in a notebook.

1st Grade -2820 1st Grade -8709

Grammar First Language Lessons Level 1 & Growing with Grammar 1

We aren’t completely done with these books yet and will be finishing over the summer before beginning level 2 of each in the fall. She has more free time in the summer so as we worked with the boys to complete all of their schoolwork, she got a few weeks of lighter work.

These are both great programs and certainly don’t need to be used together, I just really like both. I love the workbook format of GWG and the oral format of FLL.

1st Grade -0117 1st Grade -0913

Writing Write Shop Primary A  & Story Starters

Ladybug naturally likes to write {unlike my boys at this age}, which is a joy. We used Write Shop A as our base curriculum but didn’t finish the entire program. It got a bit easy for her and I don’t own level B so once I noticed it was too easy, we just stopped and she wrote for fun. She used our Story Starters to inspire free writing also.

1st Grade -0574 1st Grade -8736

Handwriting Logic of English Cursive Handwriting

Doing cursive with her this year was a good decision, she was ready.  Although she didn’t always love learning new letters and practicing old letters, she was totally capable.  My goal this year was to introduce her to the lowercase letters and we accomplished that. We even got started on upper case letters.

1st Grade -0105 1st Grade -0115

For each letter she created a drawing, and we ended up with a cute collection!

1st Grade -9003 1st Grade -9663

Cusrive -3006

For 2nd grade I will continue teaching the upper case letters and begin working with her on using cursive naturally when doing some of her assignments.

Math Life of Fred, Mathseeds {the math portion of Reading Eggs}, Spielgaben

Our laid back math plans were perfect for her this year. She was too advanced for a traditional 1st grade math program, but we weren’t wanting to rush her. Life of Fred was perfect and we will be continuing with LOF as a supplement next year also. Mathseeds was a great fit for her also.

1st  Grade -9999 1st Grade -9049

She loves our Spielgaben lessons, which I chose throughout the year as we went along.  I picked lessons from the manual that I thought she would enjoy and would enhance her math skills. Below you can see direct links to all we did. We will continue to supplement with Spielgaben.

Exploring-3D-Shapes-with-Spielgaben3[1] Exploring-Symmetry-with-Spielgaben22 Math-Play-with-Spielgaben---ideas-fo[1] Math-with-Spielgaben122 Soma-Cube-with-Spielgaben22 Playful-Learning-with-Spielgaben-Sep Hands-on-Math-with-Spielgaben3_thumb Hands on 1st Grade Math with Spielgaben Multiplication-with-Spielgaben24622 Create-a-Clock-with-Spielgaben1012 Exploring-fractions-with-Spielgaben8[1] Exploring-Measurement-with-Spielgabe[1] Exploring Shapes with Spielgaben

She will begin a more traditional math program in the fall, Teaching Textbooks 3

Science Evan Moor Skill Sharpeners Science Grade 1, The Curious Kid’s Science Book

We oved using these books!  She did too!  The Evan-Moor book was her main science curriculum and she did extra science activities and experiments from the other book.  Daddy led all of this and for that I am SO thankful!

1st  grade -9574 1st Grade -08721st grade -2340 1st Grade -8791Sience -9900 1st Grade -0139

Unit Studies

I love doing unit studies with my kids, just wish I took time to do more!  We had fun with 3 of our own, and then were blessed to begin reviewing product for Ivy Kids Kits and got to enjoy 3 more units thanks to those kits!  She LOVED all of these!  Click on graphics to see the posts!

Bat Unit Study  Exploring Frogs Unit Study and Lapbook  Owl Unit Study and Lapbook 

A House for Hermit Crab Unit Study with Ivy Kids Kit  Gotta Go Gotta Go Ivy Kids Kit Review - A Fun Way to Explore the Monarch Butterfly  Penguin and Pinecone Unit Study with Ivy Kids Kits

Character We Choose Virtues

We made it through all of the virtues and she really enjoyed this! It was a great fit for her this year!

1st  grade -9568 1st Grade -0237

Art Home Art Studio

I am such an art slacker. I am actually impressed that we completed 2 entire projects from our Home Art Studio Disc. Ladybug is naturally creative and artistic so she did tons of spontaneous artwork on her own, but these are the only two from our actual curriculum!

    Art -9916 Home Art Studio -2790

Bible ~ Picture Smart Bible K-3 Old Testament {with Krash}

See why we love Picture Smart Bible here!

Bible--01465 Bible--26795 Homeschool--06415

US Geography ~ {with Krash}

See our USA Geography Wrap-Up here!


Group Subjects ~ Mystery of History, World Geography

Daddy taught History to all 3 kids. We continue to love The Mystery of History and we will be continuing on with it next year for the younger 2 kids.

Daddy and I both taught World Geography this year, and it is a great fit. We will be using the same plan with the little 2 next year also.



Stay tuned, I will be sharing our curriculum choices for 9th grade, 5th grade, and 2nd Grade soon!

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