Exploring Area with Spielgaben

Exploring Area with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

We have had our Spielgaben set for years now and have grown with it. This year for 2nd grade, we are using Spielgaben as an extension of our math curriculum.

She has been learning all about area with her core math curriculum so I went through the Spielgaben math guide and searched for activities to reinforce this concept. Adding in hands-on pieces really helps a lot and is one of the main reasons I continue to supplement her math.

First, we did an activity outlined in the Spielgaben Math Guide #2. She created fences for the “yards” I created out of cuboids.

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Then, we used the fence pieces to figure the area and write the multiplication problem.

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Next we played a game I made up, which I called “Which bedroom do you want?” I pre-measured and cut 3 different shapes and showed them to her. She guessed which had the biggest area and chose that room for herself, then gave each of her brothers the other rooms. Then we got to work figuring the area of each room!

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Surprisingly she thought the long rectangle room was bigger, but the square one was bigger! She chose the biggest correctly! I had her tell me what the multiplication problems were for the area of each room and write them.

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As usual, she asked to play freely when we were done! I am a BIG fan of this and encourage her to play! She made an alligator!

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Then she asked me to tape it together so she could play with it. I told her to give it a try, and she did! She worked for so long getting the tape pieces just right nd was so happy {as you can see} when it was done!

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