Create Your Own Game with Spielgaben

Create Your Own Game with Spielgaben

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Recently we had loads of fun with our Spielgaben set! I wanted an activity that could include all three of my kids, instead of just my youngest daughter. Years ago we had fun creating our own game and I decided to try that with a different twist!

First, I made some cards, which you can download and use {link near end of post} if you’d like to give this a try with your Spielgaben set.

I gathered my kids and explained the directions. First, draw a number card. Then draw that many Spielgaben cards to show you which sets you can choose from for your game.

Spielgaben -4771


Krash went first, he drew a 6, and chose 6 different Spielgaben set cards. He looked them over and then decided on a game. He created a complex tic-tac-toe type of game.

Spielgaben -4760


Ladybug’s turn was next. She decided on a game using the cubes. It was a 20 second race to see who could build the highest stack!

Spielgaben -4775

Spielgaben -4777



The 15 year old went next and came up with a super fun version of bocce ball! We each had 2 balls of the same color and took turns using our stick to push the ball closest to the goal {the cube on the board}. This game brought lots of giggles and they loved it!

Spielgaben -4791 Spielgaben -4790


Ladybug came up with another game that involved tapping your opponents ball off of the board. We set up obstacles on the board and took turns taking one hit at a time.

Spielgaben -4808


I loved K’s ring toss game. He thought through it a lot and we had fun! He chose to use 3 sizes of rings, the smallest rings being worth the most. We took turns tossing our color and the first one to 60 pints won!

Spielgaben -4800


They had lots of fun with this and I think they will be making up games more and more. We did have to have many small discussions about respect, patience, teamwork and being polite. In the end I realized what a great challenge this was, as one of my kids has a hard time being wrong and when the game didn’t go as planned we really had to work through this. Another one of my children isn’t very patient and waiting for a sibling to decide on rules was extremely difficult. Yet another child struggles with being polite to siblings and showing respect which made for some hurt feelings at times. In the end they kept playing long after I left and had fun together.


Do you have a Spielgaben set?

Download our cards to use with your kids!


Spielgaben Game Cards Spielgaben Game Cards


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