Exploring Place Value with Spielgaben

Exploring Place Value with Spielgaben

{We were given the Spielgaben set to review and are honored to have them as a blog sponsor.}

Over the summer I plan to use our Spielgaben set to reinforce math concepts my daughter has learned. We began this week by reviewing place value! I used the Math Guide from Spielgaben as inspiration for my lesson with her.

First, I got out some pieces and used dot stickers to make visual representations like this. The number cubes represented hundreds, tens and ones.

First, all we did was roll the cubes and say the correct number. Then we brought in the different shapes to visually show the breakdown of the place value!

Spielgaben  (1 of 8)

Spielgaben  (2 of 8)

Spielgaben  (3 of 8)

After playing that way for a bit, we did some comparing, using the Spielgaben pieces and our Boogie Board. We reviewed how to say the answer correctly also, “327 is less than 523.”

Spielgaben  (5 of 8)

Spielgaben  (6 of 8)

Spielgaben  (7 of 8)

I love having our Spielgaben set to use for our math extension and review and look forward to using it this summer break specially!

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