Fraction Fun with Spielgaben

Fraction Fun with Spielgaben

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I am going to be super honest with you today. I am so thankful that I am hired to write a blog post sharing Spielgaben activities with you. Why? Because the hands-on learning is SOOOOO good for her and my lazy self might ignore doing this if I didn’t have to. There have been seasons of life where I have been a rock-star with hands-on learning and curriculum extension, but this year we are just getting the basics done. When I pulled out this lesson for her to extend her math she beamed with joy and begged me to play over and over again.

She is reviewing fractions in her math and it’s always something that is easily forgotten in the early elementary years. We played a game to reinforce basic fractions.

Spielgaben (3 of 3)

Using a sticky note as a base, the challenge was to roll the cube and place the correct fraction piece on the square paper. Once the paper was covered, we had a winner! Before playing I created a cube with different fractions on it to match the 1/4, 1/2, and whole pieces we had.

Spielgaben (1 of 3)

I also created a second cube without pictures, which we played with second. This was much harder as there wasn’t a visual reminder for which piece to grab.

Spielgaben (2 of 3)

See a bit of our fraction fun in action in the video below…

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This was a fabulous game to play for fraction review and also just to see her smile and hear her giggle.

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