Types of Triangles with Spielgaben

Different types of Triangles with Spielgaben Math

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Sometimes I align our Spielgaben lessons with her main math curriculum and other times I choose a totally different topic! As I was flipping through the math guide I came across the lesson on types of triangles and thought she would enjoy learning about that!



I introduced four different types of triangles, all included in the Spielgaben set. Equilateral, right angle isosceles, obtuse isosceles, and right angle scalene were the ones we focused on.


We discussed the difference between the types of triangles and also the names of the types of angles in each. It was a great lesson and she learned a lot!


We played simple games together, focusing on sorting the triangles correctly. In the end, I took away the visual reminder by folding the notes up to just show the names.


I love doing hands-on math lessons with her and she gets all excited when I bring out a new Spielgaben math lesson!

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