Organizing Data with Spielgaben

Organizing Data with Spielgaben

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I love flipping through the Spielgaben guides to find something new my daughter would enjoy. It isn’t hard to find a simple lesson with so many great ones to choose from! This one was really fun! It’s called “Find Friends” and focused on organizing data.

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Making the little people was fun. Definitely an idea I would have not thought of on my own! Using clear tape on top of the pieces allows you to draw the faces with a Sharpie and peel the tape off later!


We began with simple sorting, boys in red and girls in purple.


Then I told her to put the people with yellow hair in one circle. Then I asked her to put people with glasses in the other circle. Uh oh! One of the girls with yellow hair has glasses too! This led into the discussion about the “both” category in the middle.


After I had explained the concept, I challenged her to come up with a sorting rule and explain it to me!


I drew more Venn diagrams for her to show her how we can use these to sort. We have done this some in the past but it was a great review! To close the lesson I created a blank Venn diagram on her Boogie Board for her to fill in all about her and her brother!


A very fun lesson!

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