Animal ABCs A to Z

Animal ABCs

Our Animal ABC units are complete!  We had so much fun with these units, and I hope many of your tots will too!

~ A few basics about the Animal ABCs program ~

What is it? Animal ABCs is a fun way to take your toddler or preschooler through the alphabet while learning about animals along the way.  Each letter features one animal that emphasizes the sound of the letter.

What Ages? Approximately 2-4 years, my daughter started using it at 32 months, here is our first post.

What is Free? Full size display letters, full size blank letters and animals to cut for craft, package of printable extras for each letter, all flashcards. Downloads are available in separate files here on this page, all FREE!

What is in the Bundle {$10}? All files that are available for free {listed above}, BUT organized in a method that makes them easier to download and locate in the future AND saves on printing paper and ink.  Extra printables ONLY available in the bundle option: A-Z Play Dough Mats, A-Z Dot Fun, Lowercase Animal Set. Once you purchase, you have access to a private page and you can come back and download anything new I add! You can purchase the bundle here.

Animal ABCs What is Included

See the main Animal ABCs webpage for even more detailed information!

Here’s a peek via video…

Want to see our journey through Animal ABCs?  Click on the images below to see our blog posts about each unit!

A is for Alligator   B is for Bear

C is for Caterpillar   D is for Dolphin

E is for Elephant   F is for Frog

G is for Gorilla   H is for Hippo

I is for Iguana   J is for Jellyfish

IMG_6284   IMG_6873

IMG_7208   IMG_7540

IMG_7916   Summer Learning Kindergarten (3 of 7)

Tot School Letter Q -8439   Homeschool Tot School Letter R -9617

Homeschool Tot School Letter S -1151   Homeschool Tot School-1440

Tot School Letter U-1581   Animal ABC Letter V-2247

Letter W Tot School-2367   Tot School Letter X-3920

Tot School Letter Y-4929   Tot School-5004

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